Quick input

Managing your assortment and prices can take a lot of time. That's why we want to make your job to work in FloraXchange as easy as possible. There are several shortcuts and tricks that we want to share with you. 

Input date

Many users don't know that by entering dates, it's not necessary to fill in the full date. You can also navigate with the arrow keys to the desired date.

  • Press Shift with ← → ↑ or  ↓ to move forward of backward for a month 
  • Press Ctrl with ← → ↑ of ↓ to move forward of backward for a year

Press Enter to select the date and to fold in the date picker. To fold tit open, you can press Esc or

By date selections where you can choose a start date and end date, the selected range is displayed in a grey color. This makes the selected period extra clear.

Navigate to forms

A well known key is Tab. With Tab you can navigate to the next field, without using the mouse. Use Shift+Tab (keep Shift pressed) to go back to the previous field. 

The field that you're editing will be highlighted by a green border.

Selection lists

In FloraXchange you can find many selection lists. These are so called drop down lists. These are quickly searchable. When you entering that field with Tab, you can unfold it by pressing Enter of spacebar. Then you can enter your text, select a value by pressing Enter or go through lists by pressing on the arrow keys. Close without select is possible with Tab or Esc.

When you want to remove a value, you can press Del, Backspace or on the red mark.

Leon van Schie

Written by Leon van Schie

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