Stickering through FloraXchange

It is possible to arrange the transaction through FloraXchange. One of the great advantages is that you can add sticker information to your order. By placing a transaction, the exporter can design a sticker himself. The grower is able to print this sticker.

 To ensure exporters know that you have the ability to sticker, it is smart to indicate this in FloraXchange. You can indicate this here.

How can I print stickers?

When an exporter added stickers to his order, there is a PDF file attached to the message. The PDF file contains the sticker that can be printed.

What do I get paid voor stickering?

You can indicate yourself what the costs are for stickering the articles. You can fill in the costs when you go to this page. Then you click on the exporter on the tooth wheel (top right) and then you can indicate what the price is per pot sticker and per fust sticker.

Which sticker sizes do I need?

You are not required to print in all sticker sizes. On this page you can indicate which sticker sizes you have in stock.

Merel Prins

Written by Merel Prins

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