Add an article to your assortment

When you add supply to FloraXchange it is important that you first add article data. To do this, you can go to catalog. By clicking ‘add’ you must first add the article details as the code and the VBN-code (required), but also the theme and the transport height. A VBN-code can not be changed after you saved it. If you want to change the VBN-code, you copy the line and adjust it in a new article line. Don’t forget to remove the old article line.

Once you’ve added this information you can ass information such as loads, stock dependencies and photos. Do not forget to add your offer. When you add your offer you can also enter a start and end date and the price of the product (a cart price is required). After that you can put the product online by saving all the general information. Then click on the button ‘put online’.

What are required S-codes?

When you create an article it is required to fill in a VBN-code. Then the platform automatically shows which S-codes are required to fill in. Examples of S-codes are pot size, plant height and maturity stage. You can fill in the S-codes by adding an article.

What are prefered S-codes?

The VBN-code indicates which S-codes are required or recommended. It is also possible to add S-codes, such as the way of cultivation or the color of the flower. You can complete this on your own way and you can add as many codes as you want.

What are incomplete articles?

For exporters it is very important that the articles on FloraXchange are fully completed. However, not every buyer has the same demands. For example, one exporter wants a specific height of a plant, while another exporter wants to decide about the location of the barcode. FloraXchange aimes that articles are fully completed en that’s why the platform automatically gives you a signal how many incomplete articles you have at that moment. When you click on ‘catalog’ in the main menu, you can see how many incomplete articles you have on FloraXchange. By clicking ‘customize’ you can see which articles are incomplete and of course you can directly customize them.

Incomplete articles are articles that are not fully completed, but also articles which certain information is not correct.

Merel Prins

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